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Who We Are

BBmHealth is a division of Börm Bruckmeier Publishing, a global medical media company with offices in the US, Germany, the UK and India. Now entering our twenty-sixth year of operation, our team has grown to nearly 50 medical editors, designers, software engineers, and sales and marketing professionals. Our medical library contains hundreds of products in print and digital formats covering nearly every medical specialty, and we are rapidly expanding into new and exciting areas.

Having embraced the digital publishing revolution early on, we have become digital publishing and software development experts. Most of our library has been converted into mobile applications, making us one of the largest suppliers of medical education mobile applications on the market. Our highly experienced team of developers and designers can now create complex mobile applications and other digital solutions that go far beyond content publishing. We now have deep expertise in medicine, digital media and software development, a combination few media companies can claim.

As always, we remain focused on producing high-quality medical education content that is comprehensive and responsive to the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Our highly regarded professional products allow clinicians to do their job and give their patients the best care possible according to the most current standards. And we supply the largest and most prestigious medical societies in the world and develop products for some of the biggest names in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries that meet diverse educational and marketing needs.

Where other traditional publishers have withered in the face of massive changes sweeping the industry, we have evolved and thrived. We will continue to evolve and innovate to bring our customers the best and most advanced medical education solutions on the market.

Having embraced the digital publishing revolution early on, we have become digital publishing and software development experts.

What We Do

The medical education and media landscape is rapidly changing, but BBP is staying ahead of the curve. What sets us apart from our competition is a unique combination of deep expertise in both medicine and technology. We offer an extensive array of products and services to suit the most demanding needs, from highly specialized, evidence-based medical content, to innovative digital and mobile software solutions. Whether you need to educate a demanding audience of medical professionals, reach your patients, promote your product, or develop a more sophisticated software solution, BBP can help.

Guideline App and Medical App Development | Software Development

  • As a developer for your mobile app project, our team of physician editors will format your guideline or other medical support or patient content into a mobile-friendly design for smartphones and tablet devices with a focus on usability and clinical value at the point of care
  • Available features include interactive algorithms and calculators, content management systems, CME modules, news feeds, analytics, user authentication and integration with external data feed
  • Custom mobile application development, medical apps – we are a full-service web and mobile software developer
  • Experts in iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, HTML5
  • Medical App Development, Mobile Medical App Development, Medical Apps

Medical Content Solutions

  • Up-to-date, evidence-based diagnosis and management for any condition
  • Numerous formats including mobile apps, books, pocket reference cards, brochures, posters and more
  • Custom mobile application development, medical apps – we are a full-service web and mobile software developer
  • Use our existing mobile content publishing platform to quickly and cost-effectively publish medical education apps
  • Option to utilize our content or let us turn your content into elegant mobile apps | medical apps
  • Graphics, illustrations, video and other visual aids
  • Medical algorithms, calculators, scores and scales
  • All content is written, edited and revised by medical doctors
  • Tap into our extensive network of over 250 specialists and KOLs

Promotional and branding services

  • A variety of branding options and packages are available for all our digital and print products

Consulting services

  • Digital and mobile media consulting – let us help you design and implement your digital and mobile strategy
  • Regulatory compliance support – HIPAA, FDA mobile app regulations, security, app certifications; we can help you navigate an increasingly complex mobile health regulatory ecosystem
  • SEO/SEM, social media marketing



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